Graphene Oxide Market : Future Innovation Strategies, Growth & Profit Analysis, Forecast by 2025

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Global Graphene Oxide Market: Introduction

Graphene oxide is a single-atomic-layered material produced by the oxidation of graphite, which is both abundant and cheap. The effectiveness of an oxidation process is often evaluated on the basis of oxygen or carbon ratios in graphene oxide. Graphene oxide is dispersible in water and other solvents. It commonly comes in powdered form or as a solution used for coating on substrates.

A graphene oxide film can be deposited on any substrate and later converted into a conductor. Graphene oxide is fluorescent and is thus, appropriate for anti-bacterial materials, medical drug carriers and bio-sensing and disease detection applications. There are mainly four main processes for the production of graphene oxide: Hummers, Hofmann, Staudenmaier, and Brodie. Graphene oxides are generally used for the production of solar cells, batteries, biosensors, transparent conductive films, supercapacitors, multifunctional materials, low permeability materials and others.

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Graphene oxide is also used as a tin-oxide replacement in touch screens and batteries. Graphene oxide has a high surface area and so, it is also used as an electrode material for batteries, solar cells and capacitors. Graphene oxide is easier to manufacture compared to graphene and is also cheaper. Graphene oxide is easily mixed with different polymers and other materials and thereby, enhances properties of composite materials. It flakes in solid form, attaching to one another to form thin and stable flat structures which can be stretched, folded and wrinkled. These types of graphene oxide structures are used in applications, such as nanofiltration membranes, hydrogen storage and ion conductors.

Global Graphene Oxide Market: Dynamics

Graphene oxide is a form of graphene. The demand for graphene oxide is directly linked to graphene production. Increasing demand for renewable, lightweight and flexible materials with extended lifespan has sustained the growing demand for graphene, thereby, driving the graphene oxide market globally.  The surging demand for the nanotechnology in electronic goods industry is propelling the growth of the graphene oxide market.

Sustainability is the trend for the global graphene oxide market. The growing demand for flexible and recyclable materials and the on-going shift towards renewable energy are some of the factors driving the use of graphene oxide in different applications. However, the technical limitation of commercial production and high cost of equipment are the restraining factors impeding the growth of the graphene oxide market.

Increasing demand for clean energy sources is driving the demand for low-cost products with better throughput or efficiency. Since the performance of products, for instance, batteries, solar cells biosensors and others can be improved with the use of graphene oxide, this will lead to the growth of the graphene oxide market during the forecast period. In addition, focus on the expansion of production capacity and increasing capital investment to strengthen R&D activities is also anticipated to fuel the graphene oxide market globally.

Global Graphene Oxide Market: Segmentation

Segmentation by type:

On the basis of type, the global grapheme oxide market can be segmented into:

  • Powder-based graphene oxide
  • Solution based graphene oxide

On the basis of application, the global grapheme oxide market can be segmented into:

  • Medical
  • Energy
  • Electronic devices
  • Composites materials
  • Catalytic oxidation
  • Others

Global Graphene Oxide Market: Region-wise Outlook

China is projected to be a major source and contributor of graphite and other materials used for graphene extraction in the graphene oxide market in Asia-Pacific. Owing to rapid industrialization, high economic growth rate, cheap labor and rising graphene-based application patents in the Asia-Pacific, the market for graphene oxide is anticipated to grow. Graphene oxide is projected to be a leading segment in North America owing to the easy availability of large manufacturing facilities. Involvement of major research institutes and university collaborations for R&D activities related to graphene oxide are some of the factors fueling the growth of graphene oxide in emerging economies, such as India, Japan and China.

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Global Graphene Oxide Market: Key Players

Some of the key players identified across the value chain of the Global Graphene Oxide market are

  • Acs Material,
  • Allightec Co., Ltd,
  • Bgt Materials Limited, Ltd,
  • Cheap Tubes Inc,
  • E Way Technology Co., Ltd.,
  • Garmor, Graphenea Inc.,
  • Nanoinnova Technologies Sl,
  • United Nanotech Innovations Pvt Ltd,
  • Angstron Materials and others.

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