Dryer Vents Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2019 to 2029

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FMR’s report on Global Dryer Vents Economy

In a Recent company intelligence research, FMR introduces the nitty-gritty of this worldwide Dryer Vents marketplace contemplating 2014-2018 since the historical era and 2019 to 2029 since the specified period. The company report highlights trends, restraints, opportunities and the drivers . All of the market shares connected with the sections in addition to the industry are expressed concerning quantity and value.

As per the report, the Dryer Vents Market is set to grow at a CAGR of ~XX% over the forecast period 2019 to 2029 and reach a value of ~US$XX towards the end of 2029. The regional trade analysis along with the leading importers and exporters is included in the study. In addition, the supply-demand analysis and the key developments in the Dryer Vents Market are highlighted in the report.

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The Dryer Vents marketplace report covers the Below-mentioned questions:

· Are sellers currently shifting away from conventional procedures of manufacturing Dryer Vents ?

· How can the Dryer Vents Market resembles in the subsequent five decades?

· Which end use business is forecast to transcend section at 2029’s conclusion?

· What products have been released with most players in the industry?

· The market development is being shown by which places?

Vital insights in the Dryer Vents Sector Research:

· Underlying macro- and microeconomic aspects influencing the rise of the industry that is Dryer Vents

· Standard summary such as software, classification, and market definition

· R&D jobs, scrutinization of every marketplace participant predicated on mergers & acquisitions, and product launches

· Adoption tendency across businesses of Dryer Vents

· Areas and nations that provide economy analysts that are Dryer Vents opportunities

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Competitive Landscape

While a majority of leading players in the dryer vents market are based in North America and Europe, they continue to emphasize stronger distribution networks across the countries in the Asia Pacific region, including China, Japan, and India.

The dryer vents market in North America and Europe shows a high level of consolidation, with leading players such as

  • Defleco ,LLC
  • Dundas Jafine Inc. 
  • Imperial Manufacturing Group, Inc.
  • InOvate Technologies, Inc.
  • M&M Manufacturing Company, Inc.

collectively accounting for ~30% revenue share. On the other side, the market in Latin America and Asia Pacific is operated by a large number of relatively small players. However, limited production capabilities and distribution networks of these players have restricted their significance at the global level.

In an effort to gain a competitive edge through versatile product offerings within a shorter timeframe, manufacturers are rigorously investing in R&D activities. Adoption of advanced injection molding processes has also been a trending strategy for the participants in dryer vents industry landscape. Hy-C Company, LLC offers ICC listed ‘Dryer Vent Made Easy (DVME)’ that completely eliminates the use of flex pipe and reduces the risk of dryer fires. In addition to diversify their product portfolios, a number of players in the dryer vents market are intensifying their focus on offering commercial as well as industry-specific installation and venting solutions.

Strategic acquisitions of the leading stakeholders in dryer vents market will also remain a key focus area for key market players. For instance, in 2017, MiTek Industries, Inc.’s M&M Manufacturing acquired Snappy ™ Company, the US-based supplier of metal duct systems for the residential HVAC markets. Post this acquisition, both the companies declared that they are combining their manufacturing competencies and refocusing on their customer experience strategies. Moreover, the former has a strong distribution footprint, and continues to be the choice of customers for faster product delivery.

global dryer vents market players concentration mapping

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Key Factors Shaping the Dryer Vents Market

  • Dryer venting continues to gain traction as a viable system to speed up the drying of clothes while controlling the formation of lint. Continued urbanization, coupled with busier lifestyles of modern consumers, leads to a surge in the demand for service based businesses such as Laundromat, thereby creating high demand for dryer vents.
  • Implementation of drop-off laundry and delivery services along with advances in dry cleaning methods, especially in dense urban areas where consumers want convenience, have been creating a niche business, that finds the application of dryer vents.
  • With ~43 million units sold in 2018, dryer vent systems have become a paramount in households and commercial sector entities, such as hotels, hospitals, and dormitories. Developments in these sectors points to not only the increased demand for large-capacity dryers but also the critical need for assuring their longevity through effective venting of hot air.
  • Rapid growth in the adoption of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, on the account of increasing infrastructural activities and rising disposable income of consumers, has been complementing the growth of dryer vents market.
  • Rising awareness about the use of dryer vents and their cleaning methods to enable efficient airflow and reduce the danger of clothes dryer fires has also worked to the advantage of market stakeholders.
global dryer vents market analysis by end user

Key Challenges Faced by the Dryer Vents Market Players

  • Several research studies show that house fires caused by dryers are far more common than generally believed, calling for the implementation of stringent regulations and standards for dryers and vents, with respect to their installation. Subsequently, the regulatory bodies have imposed strict policies that approve only specific designs of dryer vents, which continues to challenge the growth of market players.
  • Growing preference for ventless dryers over vented variants along with rising instances of accumulation of lint in the dryer vents that could lead fire breakouts has added to the reluctance of adopting dryer vents.

Additional Insights

Virtually Invisible Dryer Vents to Improve Aesthetic Appearance

As innovation spawns in the dyer vents space, market stakeholders are creating new vent designs that not only improve the functionalities but also allow to hide the vent. For instance, in 2019, Hide-a-Vent launched innovative vent designs, made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic that can be easily mounted to exterior walls of any structure and camouflage the exterior vents with a customizable cover. Apart from the continuous illusion created by the vent cover and matching piece of sliding, innovative vent designs focus on a few other features as well, such as noise elimination and prevention of the pest or bird penetration.

Research Methodology

global dryers vent markert scope

Fact.MR’s new publication offers industry-based intelligence and comprehensive insights into the growth prospects of the dryer vents market. To carry out a detailed analysis on the dryer vents market for the period between 2019 and 2029, a two-step methodology and unique approach have been adopted by the analysts.

A thorough primary and secondary research have been conducted to provide compelling insights that can equip the stakeholders with necessary information to take critical decisions with clarity. The report on dryer vents market has also gone through a number of authentication procedures to ensure the reliability and uniqueness of the information provided in the report.

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