Offshore Helicopters Market 2017-2022 / Trends, Growth opportunities And Demand

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Global Offshore Helicopters Market is all set to reach USD XX billion by the year 2022, from USD XX billion which was the number for the year 2016. The CAGR for the period of 2017-2022 is XX % in relation with light, medium and heavy segments of the helicopter. The global economy has gone through some truly ground-breaking changes in the past decade. These changes have played an impact in many core-industry sectors which also include the global oil and gas demands worldwide.

Helicopters are the work horses for the offshore industry, hence an increase in the oil and gas demands will result in more investment in the Helicopter Industry as well.

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Market dynamics:

By 2050, it is estimated that the world population will hit nine billion, with the most growth happening in developing countries. Due to younger populace in these countries, there will be an increase in the influx of cheap labour. Hence, a direct result of this would be the push of manufacturing industries towards these developing nations, which will help in economic growth in these nations. With more growth, comes more demands. Due to higher quality of life, the population will have newer, higher energy demands, especially in countries like India and China.

Global oil and energy demands is thus slated to double by 2050 due to these factors and others like lack of alternative energy resources. In consequence, the Helicopter Industry is set to double as well, in shares.

Market segmentation:

The market is segmented into light, medium and heavy classes. It can also be segmented on basis of category of helicopter usage, that is civil, military, governmental and commercial helicopters.Geographical segmentation also takes place, with the prominent continents and a few countries forming the vast segments. In general study, a mix of all these is what is under inspection.

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Geographical Analysis:

Recently, the share of the top six OEMs has fallen slightly following the entry of some new ones specifically the Russian Federation and South Korea. With a growth in the outlet markets however, resulted in an overall growth for the Helicopter Industry. Major demand is still very concentrated in mature economies, more so in Europe and North America, which will probably represent around 55% of the demand for the next decade. The second most important market is Asia, with an estimated share of 15%, similar to Latin America. Both markets are going strong.The Indian and the Russian markets have great potential, although both the governments have adopted quite a few protectionist policies that severely limit the vast opportunities available to the Western manufacturers.

Key Players:

Some of the big players in the market include Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, Airbus Helicopters, Bell-Boeing Joint Program Office and Augusta Westland.

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