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Launching of the Biggest Electric School Bus Program in the United States of America in Virginia

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The Dominion Energy has collaborated with the neighboring Virginia school districts to start replacing diesel school buses with 100 percent electric ones in stages. No stage could come too soon, and CleanTechnica wishes every school district a fast rollout after the first 50 launches of the program. Children are the ones who are more sensitive to the pollution of air compared to the adults, and it pains them and their studies. 

Thomas Built Buses Inc. (TBB) been chosen as the giver of all 50 of the first electric school buses. The buses are required to start operating in the current year. This would already be the biggest electric school bus deployment in the history of the United States of America. After the year 2020, Dominion Energy would add 200 more smoke-free school buses every year for the next five years period, with the aim being to reach a 50 percent smoke-free bus fleet by the year 2025. The target is to attain 100 percent non-smoking school buses by the year 2030. 

The quality of air inside the buses is reportedly six times better than the quality of non-electric buses. 

New Vehicle-to-Grid Technology

The advantages of smoke-free buses go beyond clean transport and majorly decreased pollution. The buses could be of use as batteries for the grid or electricity usage off the grid. Dominion Energy states that when not in use, the buses be tapped as a resource of energy through vehicle-to-grid skill. If energy requirements are high or if the recyclable resources are intermittent, the batteries could offer stability to the grid. During an outage of power or emergency, the cells might act as mobile power posts. 

About 1,050 smoke-free buses could offer abundant energy to power over 10,000 homesteads. 

Increased safety

Moving another leap forward, the smoke-free buses give more safety to children and diver than the non-electric buses. Dominion Energy states that the non-smoking buses do not make noise; this allows better communication between the students and the driver. They add that each bus has seatbelt equipment for every student. 

Cutting the Cost of Maintenance 

As everybody who owns an electric vehicle knows, smoke-free vehicles need minimal maintenance. They do not require a change of oils or muffler fixes. They are uncertain to expect new brakes before one tire with the car.

Valerie Middelbos

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