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Businessman and philanthropist Jacob Gelt Dekker has passed away

Press Release

Businessman and author Jacob Gelt Dekker passed away on Sunday at the age of 71. Amsterdam publishers announced this on Sunday. Gelt Dekker became ill instantly and died at his home in Key West, in the US state of Florida. He had many types of cancer.

Gelt Dekker worked as a dentist in the first years of his career. Later, he entered the business world and built an empire, which included establishing a Car Rental booth and portfolio. He also wrote books, including children’s books. He couldn’t finish his last book, writes Amsterdam Publishers.

He was most popular in Curacao. Gelt Dekker also established a conference center, a science institute and a museum for the history of slavery on the island.

Charity giving

He openly acknowledged “corruption, evil and ignorance” in the CuraƧao board and community, to the dismay of those who ruled the island. In 2006, this led to opposition to the Antillean government calling for a boycott.

The entrepreneur considers himself an eccentric entrepreneur and philanthropist. He owns property in the United States, the Netherlands and Curacao, among others.

Valerie Middelbos

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