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CBD oil comes in a lot of varieties. American Hemp Oil has a unique selection of all of them. We all have a different manner of choice when it comes to consuming the product. The one that’s right for you may depend on your level of comfort with CBD oil. Those who are Ex-smokers tend to enjoy vaping CBD oil. It’s the most common way it’s consumed. Some may feel like this method seems to be for kids. An option that some people find more comfortable, are the capsules. Regardless of how you choose to consume CBD oil, American Hemp Oil has a product that will make it comfortable and convenient. 


It Comes From Hemp

Many find the idea of using CBD oil uncomfortable. It’s due to their association of it with marijuana. CBD oil is very different from marijuana as it contains little to no THC. THC is the compound found in marijuana that can get the user high. It is in the bud of the plant. CBD is cannabidiol. This compound cannot get the user high but may contain benefits. It is derived from the stem, branches, and leaves. These parts of the plant contain a very low amount of THC. Also, the THC is filtered out of the final product to make it impossible to get the user high. 

The Products

The products sold by American Hemp Oil are made to FDA standards. Buying from third party dealers and shady smoke shops can be dangerous. American Hemp Oil is happy to let their customers know what in the final product. Here are the product types they offer. 


Gummies are often made from Broad Spectrum CBD oil. Broad Spectrum is different from Full-Spectrum in that the THC is filtered out. Broad Spectrum CBD oil contains plant particles, lipids, and other materials that are found in the plant. It often has a stronger and oily taste than CBD oil that is distilled; however, the taste is covered up in gummies as it contains sugar and flavoring. Gummies are not the fastest method when it comes to getting CBD into the blood stream. Your body has to digest the CBD oil before it will enter. 


Those who already take medication and vitamins may enjoy taking capsules as they can be easily added into the routine. Some prefer the method for the quick process of simply swallowing a pill. While it may take 30-60 minutes to fit your blood stream, it is easier for your body to digest capsules versus tablets. Capsules are generally made with isolated CBD oil. This type of CBD oil goes through a thorough process when being distilled. It is a stronger form of CBD oil and contains little to no plant materials. 

Vape Liquid

Many Ex-smokers and those trying to quite like to vape CBD oil. Part of the experience is sensory. It allows them to partake in the habit without introducing more nicotine into their body. It may also help curve some of the anxiety that comes with nicotine cravings. Many who do not smoke choose this method. There are a lot of blood vessels in the lungs. Vaping CBD oil causes it to enter the blood stream almost instantaneously. 

CBD Cream

CBD cream is typically made from a water based, micro cellular form of CBD oil. Breaking down CBD oil makes it easier for it to absorb into the skin. It also leaves a much less oily feeling on the body versus using CBD isolate. Using CBD oil on the body only causes it to enter into the blood stream in a very small amount. This makes it a great option for those who would only like to use CBD oil for the benefits it may have on the skin.  

Consider Your Options

There are many ways to use CBD oil. It may have therapeutic benefits. The way it is consumed may affect them. Using CBD oil on the body is said to have benefits on the skin. Ingesting and vaping CBD oil may benefit the mind. American Hemp Oil has many options. They also ship nation wide. CBD oil is now legal in every state. Look up the benefits to help you consider if it is right for you.

Valerie Middelbos

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